Full Stack : Level 1 Module 1 - Elizabeth Na

Technical Area

  • Familiarized myself with commands and Github
  • Learned more about open source projects/forums
  • Installed Ubuntu and Discourse


  • STEM-AWAY Forum
  • Discourse
  • GitHub
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Ubuntu
  • StackOverflow

Soft Skills

  • Problem solving skills were practiced by researching solutions when encountering various command errors throughout the installation process
  • Organization was needed to follow instructions and keep track of where certain errors happened, what the various possible solutions were, and which one(s) actually worked

Three achievements

  • Was able to launch discourse on the localhost:3000 server
  • Learned what Discourse is and familiarized myself with it’s layout
  • Looked through the Full Stack pathway hub and the Discourse Theme Development modules to familiarize myself with Stem-Away and know what to expect through this experience

Tasks completed

  • Enabled the Windows Subsystem for Linux through manual installation steps
  • Successfully set up a development environment for Discourse on Windows 10
  • Challenge: Initially tried to install Discourse for my Mac but encountered problems at the “bundle install” command, as openssl could not be installed
  • Solution: After failing to fix the problem after trying solutions found throughout StackOverflow and other threads, I tried installing Discourse on my Windows partition instead. Although there were still some hiccups with a couple commands, these issues were solved by doing research and a few extra steps