Full-Stack - Level 1 - Module 1 - Bryan Zublin

Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Area

    • The features and uses of Discourse
    • Basic syntax of Ruby
    • What SQL is and what it is used for
    • Learned some basic Linux command line utilities
  • Tools

    • YouTube
    • Github
    • Discourse
    • Stack Exchange
    • Ubuntu for Windows
    • Windows Subsystem for Linux
    • Ruby
  • Soft Skills

    • Strengthened self-learning skills by watching the videos on Ruby and SQL taking some notes
    • Strengthened experience with troubleshooting on my own and utilizing resources like Stack Exchange and looking through Github issue reports to find solutions

Three achievement highlights

  • Installed Ubuntu on Windows, allowing me to use Ubuntu command line utilities in the future
  • Successfully set up a Ruby on Rails development environment and installed Discourse
  • Got familiar with the syntax of Ruby, which seemed complicated at a first glance but was not hard to learn due to my experience in other languages.

Detailed statement of tasks completed.

  • Enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux feature in Windows 10, then installing an Ubuntu distribution of Linux to use its command line utilities.
  • While installing Ubuntu, I ran into an error that caused the installation to fail, which I was able to find a solution to online. (Had to disable compression on the folder the Ubuntu files were in)
  • Installing Windows Terminal from the Microsoft store, which allows for multiple tabs of PowerShell, command prompt, etc.
  • After installing Ubuntu, I set up Discourse
  • I already have a GitHub account, so I did not have to create one.
  • Watched Mike Dane’s videos on Ruby
  • I watched a video of a basic explanation of what SQL is on my own