Full Stack - Level 1:Module 1- Baris Guzelsoy


Technical Area

  • Researched the concept of Discourse
  • Set up a development environment with the help of Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Got familiarised with the basic ruby syntax


-Windows Powershell -Ubuntu 18.04 -Discourse Forum -Stem-Away Forum -Github -WSL2

Soft Skills

  • Understood the important aspects of using the terminal for new installations
  • Differentiated the alternative approaches for solving an error while installation
  • Understood the importance of being able to utilize different resources.

Achievement Highlights

  • Ran into an error while installing bundler, solved the issue after removing all the files and installing a different version of Ubuntu (18.04).
  • Understood the basics of Ruby and Discourse
  • Learned more about GitHub and Git

Tasks Completed

  • Installed Windows Subsystem for Linux successfully
  • Understood basic commands and navigating within files on Ubuntu
  • Explored the concepts of Discourse and Ruby further, along with solving the problems and errors along the way of installing them.