Full Stack - Level 1-Diwei Zhu

Technical Area

  • Setting up WSL and make it run
  • install discourse on WSL
  • Review basic syntax of ruby Tools
  • Bash
  • VsCode
  • Docker

Three achievement highlights

  • setup the ruby environment on VsCode, including code formatted
  • connect Vscode to WSL and setup the docker container
  • installed ruby and solved the technical issue through google

I occurred to some problems on the auto spec of the discourse, but the local server can run without issue (so far), So I ignored the problem. I also tried to install the ruby support on the Vscode but I have a problem setting up the format. I finally found out it was caused by missing gems. I installed it and the problem was solved. Ruby’s package management seems similar to node js, but the package management gem “bundler” needs to be manually installed before using it. And don’t use bundler if the gem needs to run from a global environment

Module 2

Technical Area:

  • ruby function/class
  • git submodule


  • VsCode

Soft Skills:

  • Group communication: setting up discord to chat with group members
  • STEM-Away Website - Learning how to use the STEM-Away website for future purposes

Achievement Highlights:

  • setup and debug ruby
  • managed to pull the latest code to submodule
  • finished and submit the code

Through googling ruby basic knowledge, I was able to finished the assignment and submitting my own branch to the github repo