Forum Navigation with Mentor Chains® Lead: Vrinda Jain

Are you new to the platform? Need some help navigating?

The first 7 people to reply are in. We will send you a link to an office hour with our awesome Mentor Chains® Lead: @Vrinda_Jain

Thank you Vrinda for volunteering your time and helping your fellow students!

And since Vrinda is from the Full Stack pathway, we will hold 3 positions exclusively for Full Stack participants (a max of 10 for the office hour)

I am in! Thank you Vrinda !

I have heard knowledge increases with sharing!
Let’s just say that’s the only reason I’m always up for such sessions :sweat_smile:

So eager to talk to all you guys!!

Special Mention to the FS pathway: I want to interact with all of you, not just my team but other team members also!

Like you dance away, sing away now let’s STEM AWAY!!
~ Said by our very own @ddas

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I am in as well :slight_smile:

This would be very helpful. I’d like to join as well. Thank you.

I would like to participate as well. Thank you.

@stemaway going to introduce regarding the platform?

You have seen the video :). Yup, my passion is for STEM.

Yes @namrata_agrawal , this session is going to be about introduction to the platform.

I would like to participate too. Thank you!

I would like to join too. Thanks!

i’m interested in participating! :slight_smile:

Hi @Vrinda_Jain as per your instructions I am commenting on this post to show that I am interested in getting help to understand the process. Please let me know how will I be notified of the date and time of the session.

Thank you for being so cooperative.

Best regards,

I am also interested to attend the webinar