Following up on today's journal club (06/18)

Excellent presentations & questions!

It is extremely important to understand why you are doing something, get a grasp of the bigger picture before you dive into execution. And it felt like you are on the right track!

Nowadays, I have to multi-task all the time to keep moving the STEM-Away dream forward. But I still managed to register every bit of your meeting because it was so fascinating!

  • I will be creating a highlight video of this meeting. I will get each person’s permission before sharing.

  • Logistics question: Hoping a similar time next week work for most people to finish the discussion. If you really wish to participate in these meetings but morning Pacific time zone does not work for you, please reply with a desired time slot.

  • Every participant is expected to participate in a similar meeting. It does not have to be a pathway-wide meeting, it can be a team or even sub-team meeting. Each person needs to understand the project goals. If the current pace is too fast for anyone, strongly recommend moving to Session 2.

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Mornings PST work well for me.

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the time suits me as well. A small question: is there supposed to have 2 meetings with Colin every week, like 1 around mid-week to assign task and 1 in the end of the week to do Journal club?

Many thank in advance


Hi Uyen, We will not have a Journal Club style presentation every week. But yes, overall the plan is to have two meetings. One to go over the tasks for that week. And one where teams get feedback on the work done. And if any lead/team requires extra help from Colin, you can let me know. Hope this helps!