Follow the STEM journey of a hardware engineer, now a teacher at a high school

About this Fireside Chat:

In this STEMCasts® episode, we have a conversation with John Benoit, covering his journey from a Principal Engineer at Intel to teaching at Downtown College Prep, San Jose, a charter high school serving low-income students and a leader in first-generation college success. From anecdotes from his work at Intel, to the importance of a growth mindset, this episode is a fantastic mix of engineering content and personal journey.

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  • Glimpses into the life and work of a hardware engineer.
  • Lessons learned from the greatest mentor of all time.
  • Thoughts on math and the growth mindset.
  • Why Rocket Science isn’t Rocket Science
  • DCP: changing lives & communities.

Target Audience:

  • Anyone interested in hardware engineering and/or STEM.

Agenda: Details of the full fireside chat (STEMCasts®: In Conversation with John Benoit, Engineer/Teacher - YouTube):

  • John’s educator role at Downtown College Prep (DCP) (5 min)
  • John’s inspiration to become an engineer (1 min)
  • Convergence leadership at Intel (5 min)
  • Hardware development evolution and revolution (2 min)
  • John’s advice on how to succeed in STEM (3 min)
  • Lessons from John’s STEM journey (8 mins)
  • Why Rocket Science isn’t Rocket Science (2 mins)
  • Growth Mindset (2 mins)
  • John’s long-term plans (2 mins)

Meet the Guest:

John Benoit was a Principal Engineer at Intel, an expert in the field of system debug and bring-up. He currently teaches at Downtown College Prep (DCP) in San Jose, where he guides through independent and team-based learning projects. In addition, he serves as a coach and mentor for STEM students.

Thanks to our host for this episode: Berenice Espino, STEM Student at Downtown College Prep, San Jose, CA.

Preview (5mins):