First Case Study

Hey everyone! I am from UX Team 1 - June Session - East and Center Group. I previously posted on here about my group’s project:

I just finished making my very first case study for my portfolio using this project. Please please check it out and give me any feedback! I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts, whether regarding the visual design, lay out, wording, etc.

I think my biggest concern is the length, is it too long?

Please let me know anything and everything! I would really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Hi @tamvu, @FionaAu, Are you open to sharing your work on our LinkedIn page? We will first review with Benjamin.

(co-author of post) Hi, I would be open to that. #ux-research #ux-design #teamwork #communication

Yes I would be open to that as well! I actually just created my LinkedIn page :slight_smile:

Great. We will tag both of you as well as your team leads.

Feel free to post on your individual pages as well.

For the post that we do on the STEM-Away page, Benjamin and I will spend a few cycles with both of you to do a final review.