Final Teams: Vaping Detection & Mitigation (Updated 7/13)

VP Team 1- July 20




VP Team 2- July 20




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Hello! I am interested in a team lead position.


HI!I am interested in a team lead position.

hi! where can I find the self assessment form for ML pathway?

It is not yet up. It will be up by the weekend.


Hi! I am also interested in being a team lead for this pathway.

Hi Esha, sounds good, your prior experience with the program will help!

Hi, I have decided to continue with the ML June session for the extra 3 weeks, so unfortunately I won’t be participating in the Vaping Detection & Mitigation session this July.

Sure, no problem!

@annahsu @estheryoo: You had expressed interest in this project. If you need any help with the self-assessment form, reply here.

I computer glitched yesterday so I wasn’t sure if my google form got through so I resubmitted it today. If possible, can you let me know if you got my form? Thank you!



8:00 am - 9:00 am Pacific: Introduction to FPGA, webinar hosted by industry expert from Intel

10:30 am Pacific: Team 2 meeting (Leads: Esha & Kamya)

4:00 pm Pacific: Team 1 meeting (Leads: Alex, Aarushi)

Meeting invites will be shared with teams on Monday.
After the 1st team meeting, your team leads will take over!

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Where will the link to the webinar be posted?

Hi! I am currently a participant in the Bioinformatics pathway finishing up the June session for the next two weeks. I apologize for the inconvenience, I know the July session has already started for this pathway, but is it possible for me to be an observer for this session and hopefully become a participant if this project continues in the fall?

Hi Shanya, you can join as participant, you will have a little bit of catch up to do. I will add you as soon as I hear back from the leads.

Oh ok, thank you so much!

Added you to Team 2. Scroll down on the homepage, you will find the new team channel.
I reviewed your self-assessments in Bioinformatics, you should be able to catch up!