Final Teams: UX Research & Design (Updated 7/14)

Pathway Leads
@AntonyGeorgiadis @jrs3112

Final Teams July UX

Team 1
Project Lead: @rachit_jain
PM Lead: @HasinAnik
Technical Lead: @Ritika_Sharma




Team 2
Project Co-Leads: @Valeriya @Pratistha



Team 3
Project Co-Leads: @FionaAu @Pooja


After doing the self-assessment what is the next process?

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Hi, checking in with you because you have expressed interest in the UX track and the deadline is nearing. If you need any help with the self-assessment, let us know!

This is just a reminder. No reply needed if you have changed your mind!

Self-Assessment Form


You will soon be assigned to teams.

Alright @Pavitra_Walia

Self-assessments are open until 9 am Pacific tomorrow!

Hey, @rachit_jain @HasinAnik @Ritika_Sharma can anyone of you guys add me to any slack channel for better communication, as just now I’m shifted to Team 1.


Hey, @Shubham_Singla We’ll get you all sorted, don’t worry!

Perfect @Ritika_Sharma

I have sent you a message regarding how to get started @Shubham_Singla, you can check that out.