Final Teams: Full Stack (Updated 7/14)

Final Teams July Full Stack

FS Team 1
Project Co-Leads: @ishan @Chuks
PM Lead: @avanda76


FS Team 2
Project Co-Leads: @Tarush_Gupta @Jscott
PM Lead: @mutaz_ahmed


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I am really grateful for the skills I learned from the June Section. I originally decided to join the July section to finish up our June section project. However, we finished it in time, so I won’t be participating in the July section anymore. Please remove me from the list. Thank you for the internship experience once again.

You are very welcome!

Hi, checking in with you because you have expressed interest in the FS track and the deadline is nearing. If you need any help with the self-assessment, let us know! If you are having issues with the Discourse installation and can’t finish it, just share a screenshot of the step at which you are stuck.

This is just a reminder. No reply needed if you have changed your mind!

Self Assessment Form

If you wish to apply for the UX track, check the self-assessment at Final Teams: UX Research & Design (Updated 7/14)


Hi I am still interested in full stack and working on finishing installing the discourse. How long will the self assessment for full stack be open?

Until tomorrow morning. Feel free to submit with a screenshot of whichever step you have reached!

Hello! I was accepted into the UX pathway as a participant for this July session and was wondering if there was any chance I could be an observer for FS as well? I was debating between the two pathways and finished all the training material for FS other than installing discourse. I understand if it’s too late to be an observer for FS. Thank you!

Okay. Allowing a 2nd pathway in observer role for people with exceptionally good self-assessments!

Thank you so much!

This Looks Great!

Let’s Get Started Guys!


I submitted the self assement and was able to get discourse up and running. Sorry for the delay but I am ready and eager to be a part of this team.

Hi. There’s an issue I’m facing. Hope its not too late to submit the assessment. It’ll take a couple of hours for me. Sorry for the delay.

Mention your problem so that we know how to help you @mkhan26

I think I’ve figured out the problem. I’m using a Linux virtual machine. My windows version is outdated and would need to be updated.

No problem @mahmed. Welcome to the FS July session!

Hi @mkhan26, added you to Team 2. Check your team channel for the first team meeting!


Due to various reasons, I will not be able to participate in the July Section. Could you please remove me from the list? Thanks!

I was hospitalized due to health problems. Can I make one even it’s over ddl?
With many thanks

Okay, if you can get it done in time to join the teams from Monday. After that it will affect the teams.

Sorry that you were unwell, Hope you are okay now!

Hmmmmm it’s closed now could you help me reopen it?