Final Teams: Bioinformatics (Updated 07/21)

Overall Pathway Lead: @yvesgaetan

Final teams July Bioinformatics

Team 1

Project Lead: @ashlesha.patil
PM Lead: @Sarahrp
Technical Lead: @Anca


Team 2

Project Lead: @durberg7
PM Lead: @akingsley
Technical Lead: @contractord




Team 3

Project Leads: @aliciarepka and @Karina_Bhavsar
PM Lead: @Saloni_Shah



I am working on filling out the self-assessment right now. When will you be closing this up?

No change in deadline. Just making the self-assessment form available early.

I am not able to participate in the July session as a returning Bioinformatics student. Please let me know if replying to this forum is good, or if I should include it somewhere else. Thank you!

This is adequate, thanks for letting us know!

I am currently in the June 2020 Bioinformatics session, but I wasn’t intending on participating in the July session. Is it possible to take me off of the July session?

I finished the self-assessment, and my name is on that list. How can I get password for @BI-July6-P group?

Hi @EunahYang, All people in the list above are in, your spot is guaranteed. We will update the groups shortly.

Thank you!

@Sail19, @brasool: If you wish to try out participant role for the first week and change to observer role if that suits you better, I am open to it. I am impressed with your self-assessments. You have worked really hard to get ready, hence this offer!

Hi, you have expressed interest in the Bioinformatics Pathway. We are beginning to form teams. However, we are not closing the application. if you complete your self-assessments by 9 am Pacific on 07/18, we will add you to the teams being formed.


thank you so much for the offer! I think I will try out as a participant as I was not sure if I could contribute enough towards the teams

Sure thing! You can let me know at the end of the first week.

I would love try the participant role for a week ddas as that is what I’m aiming for! I believe I would be able to handle the coding aspect of the program after watching the R training videos on drive.
However, my only concern is that I’m still struggling to get up to speed with the technical aspects of the program. Is it possible that I could be an observer for the first week to get up to speed on the technical aspects and then become a participant? Please let me know, as I understand that it is more difficult for and observer to switch to a participant.
Your guidance is greatly appreciated

Hi Olivia,

You should pick a role where you are challenging yourself but at the same time, you are not stressing yourself out. These virtual-internships are very fast paced. If you are stressed out, you will neither enjoy the experience nor learn.

With the kind of effort you are putting in, you don’t have to worry about the Git and Asana parts or even R as a programming language.

You may have noticed that there is a heavy usage of packages/ libraries in the pipelines that you have been working on. In that sense, the programming you will do here is very different from say backend web design where you have to have a strong grasp of programming fundamentals. In this project, the main challenge/ requirement is to understand the significance of these libraries in the context of the overall pipeline. And you have to have some level of comfort with statistics.

You can certainly start as an observer and request a change to participant role if you feel comfortable with it. This is not an open offer to all students. Roles are fixed once you get assigned to teams. We put in the learning + self-assessment phase so that students can make an informed decision. In the June session, we could not handle the volume of role change requests. So, we are enforcing that strictly this time. This is a special offer to Burha and you because of the level of effort you have put in the last ten days!

Remember also that this is not a one time opportunity. If you do well as an observer (as in your weekly self-assessments reflect that you are learning from this experience), then you are given priority to come back as a participant in a future session.

Hope this helps! Keep up the good work!


I just submitted the self-assessment form and completed the screenings as well! Just wanted to let you know


Welcome Anurag! It is great that you have been reading up on the scientific journals, it will help you get the most out of this internship!

Hello thank you for the reminder.
I have completed my self assessment and attached a link to some of things I have been working.