Final Self Assessment - Hirsh Kedia

I have learned more about UX design and different programs and platforms that can help me with this journey. I have had even more experience with figma to create new low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes. The past couple of weeks have been mainly about perfecting and applying the skills we learned in the beginning of this internship to get some real life experience. I have also presented the prototype to multiple people and have been able to make significant changes based on their feedback.

I am proud of creating my first high fidelity prototype, the feedback it received, and being able to become very comfortable with figma. At first, I was still exploring figma and trying to make a low fidelity prototype, so being able to use it easily to create a high fidelity prototype and wire frame it with no trouble feels very satisfying.

I have been attending all of the mandatory meetings as well as numerous meetings I have had with my partner, which are almost every to every other day and last from an hour to an hour and a half, even on the weekends.

There are not many upcoming goals except for the final pitch next week. I hope that my prototype is liked and found useful as me and my partner have put a lot of time and thought into it.

I have used figma to create a large portion of our original low fidelity prototype. I have also used figma to create the new high fidelity prototype, its layout, and multiple features added to it such as a video call option, archive option, option to schedule meetings, the general format, the new messaging icon on the top bar, and the detail(shadow, color, etc.) of the features. I also created a slideshow presentation and worked on it with my partner to use during our presentations. There were not any significant hurdles. The most trouble we came across was just figuring out how to reformat our prototype, which was not that big of an issue at all.

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