Final Project Presentations & Timeline

Hey @2021-FS-L-S1 @2021-FS-P-S1 ,

I hope you all are doing well. It’s exciting to see how great your projects are coming along so far!

As I mentioned in this week’s kick-off meeting, we are in the final stages where you will be presenting your work.

:clock1: Here is the timeline of events for the coming weeks:

Formal Internal Presentations:

  • Each team will present their final projects formally (should be nearly completed prototypes)
  • I will provide some critique on your presentations and your work
  • Date: 2021-08-09T19:00:00Z

Formal Presentations with Feedback from Discourse Experts:

  • Each team will present their final projects formally (completed)
  • Each team will receive advice/feedback from Discourse experts (Angus from Pavilion & Jay from Literate Computing)
  • Date: 2021-08-24T23:00:00Z

Final Showcase:

  • Teams will present their final projects formally to Discourse creators/experts
  • Date & Info: TBA

:movie_camera: Presentation Flows

I’ve created a general structure or plan that you can follow to organize your presentations. You are not required to follow this exact structure, but its important you try and include elements from this. If you can create a slide deck it would help to make your presentations more appealing/effective.

1. Introduction

  • Introduce your team number and members

2. Project Introduction

  • Introduce what you were tasked to do for the final project (i.e. build a useful plugin)
  • Explain what your plugin idea is and its main functionality/purpose

3. Task Breakdown

  • Explain how you broke down the tasks (i.e. front-end and back-end)
  • Have each task team explain what they worked on, challenges they came across, and how they overcame it.

4. Demo

  • Have a brief demo of your plugin’s functionality and how it works.

Again, this is just a suggestion for how you can structure your presentation, but feel free to modify this and structure it in the way that is suitable for your team. However, ideally, it would be best if many, or all in the team could participate and have a portion where they are speaking.