Extracting info from Next Generation Sequencing data. Playing with numbers... that's my job

About this Fireside Chat:

Are you interested in computational medical applications? Dr. Christian Le Cocq shares important breakthroughs in medical research with genomics and next-generation sequencing. Dr. Le Cocq also shares the most important trait to have to be successful in STEM.

This excellent STEMCasts® episode is a community contribution.

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  • NGS next-gen sequencing
  • How to use genomics to find cures
  • Genomics and fertility
  • Genomics and cancer
  • How to apply computer science applications to medicine

Target Audience:

  • Anyone interested in medical innovation and genomics


  • Dr. Le Cocq introduction (2 mins)
  • NGS next-gen sequencing (3 mins)
  • The next big genomic research questions (8 mins)
  • How to handle high school to college and college to workplace transitions (6 mins)
  • The important languages to know in computer science (2 mins)
  • Overall advice for aspiring scientists (5 mins)

Meet the Guest:

Dr. Christian Le Cocq is a Senior Bioinformatics Scientist in the Diagnostics and Genomics Division at Agilent Technologies. In conversation is Soham Mukherjee, UC Berkeley College of Engineering.