Evaluative Research

Before our first Webinar, please read the following articles about Usability Testing and Moderation.

Usability Testing: Overview, What is Usability

Moderation: Moderated vs Unmoderated, Tips, Effective Moderation

Activity 1: Design a Usability study

Activity 2: Practice

Activity 3: Testing

Activity 4: Analysis

Take a moment to complete the reflection activity.

Activity 1

Create a usability study discussion guide. Linked are some sample guides for different types of studies: User Testing Templates

Based on your findings from last modules research, decide on a few tasks that are important to users. Include qualitative and quantitative questions before and after the tasks.

Include task prompts, the type of moderation you would plan to do, metrics you might collect, and qualitative and quantitative questions you would ask after tasks or at the end of the session.

Activity 2

After creating your discussion guide, test it out on the other people in your group. Some things to look out for are the flow of the discussion guide, the difficulty of the tasks, your own moderation skills.

Test it out by running through the guide and tasks with a member of your group as a pilot participant. Try to run at least two sessions.

Doing this type of practice will help you iterate and improve upon your discussion guide.

Activity 3

Now that your discussion guide is ready, its time to recruit and collect data. You can try recruiting from your discourse group, but it might be difficult without an incentive.

Try recruiting friends, family, and other interns on stem-away to participate in the study. If your discussion guide and plan calls for experienced users, you can ask them to use the Discourse site before the testing.

Activity 4

Now that you have your data collected, its time to do analysis! First, look at the quantitative data for your tasks such as success rate, error rate, and time on task. Use qualitative analysis techniques to analyze the data from the rest of your questions, and observations during the session. You can also bring in data from the past module.

Create a google slides with analysis and try to tell a story through the data! Identify and describe any usability issues that testing revealed. Create a series of recommendations for the discourse page.