📜 Evaluation - UX Team Placement


  • Provide proof of registration to Figma.
  • Conduct secondary research relating to sMAP, a web application created by the 2021 Bioinformatics team for processing quality, statistical and functional analysis of a GEO dataset.
  • Create 1-2 info slides to summarise your secondary research. You may begin with the following points to guide you:
    • What is sMAP?
    • Intended users
    • Identified stakeholders
    • Potential research questions
  • Paste your info slides in the weekly UX workshop Figma.

Visit Module 1 - Getting Started with UX Design for in-depth help with the evaluative task.


  • This evaluation is mandatory for placement in User Experience Principles Teams.
  • Your first submission is the one that is evaluated. If you are not sure about the material, please wait until the corresponding training is held.
  • Highest level of academic integrity is expected from all members.


@Anthony and @sarahrp - UX Mentor and UX Assistant Mentor 2022.