📋 Evaluation - Installation of Discourse in local machine (Exploratory Team Placement)

:clipboard: Evaluation: Install Discourse in a Local Machine


Completing Evaluation

  1. Based on the operating system of your local machine, follow the respective guide based on the list of guides found here:
  2. Once installed successfully, dive into the site settings to find where to update the logo of the Discourse forum.
  3. Update the logo of the forum to an image file that contains your name.
  4. Take a screenshot of your Discourse installation showing the updated logo
  5. Feel free to explore and make some more customizations to add your unique style.

Sharing Evaluation

  1. Navigate to #1-click-resume-enhance:evaluations Category
  2. Create a New Topic
  3. Add a suitable title, for example, “John Smith’s Local Discourse Installation”
  4. Select the full-stack tag using the Pathway dropdown.
  5. Under the skills dropdown, select “open-source-project
  6. Under the sub skills dropdown, select “local-dev-environment
  7. In the body of the topic, enter some details and upload your screenshot of your local Discourse installation.

Here is a very basic example of what needs to be completed: https://stemaway.com/t/keegan-georges-local-discourse-installation/10013

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