Evaluation - Functional Analysis (Power Team Placement)

Problem Statement

Researchers are interested in a glomerular disease affecting the kidneys. They have identified the top 25 significantly up-regulated genes. They want you to identify the most important gene ontology (GO) terms related to biological processes (BP) that are over-represented by this gene list. They define important terms as being both significantly enriched and relevant to the disease.

The researchers are expecting a list of terms sorted by importance (most important at the top). Use EnrichR (Enrichr) or clusterProfiler (an R package) to identify the most important enriched BP GO terms.

*Disclaimer: The input data for this question was semi-simulated. While the data was constructed to have results relevant to disease for the purpose of this evaluation, no new insights can be obtained from this dataset.

Go to STEM-Away® Bioinformatics Evaluation - Functional Analysis to get list of genes and submit your answers.


  • This evaluation is mandatory for placement in Bioinformatics Power Teams. A strong result in the R shiny coding evaluation can be used to qualify if a student lacks the domain expertise needed for this evaluation.

  • While we encourage all students to attempt the evaluation, this evaluation is not mandatory for placement in Bioinformatics Exploratory Teams.

  • Your first submission is the one that is graded. If you are not sure about the material, please wait until the corresponding training is held.

  • Highest level of academic integrity is expected from all members. Subtle changes are made in the test to discourage copying of answers. Submissions include inputs and results.


@anya Anya Greenburg, STEM-Away® Principal Mentor