Evaluation - Differential Gene Analysis (Exploratory Team Placement)

Problem Statement

identify the most significantly up- and down-regulated genes given gene expression data of case and control individuals (input-dge.tsv).

You can assume this dataset has been quality controlled, normalized, and background corrected. The microarray platform used is Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array.

Return a CSV containing gene symbols, log fold change, and adjusted P-value for the differentially expressed genes, sorted by log fold change.

*Disclaimer: The input data for this question was simulated. No disease-relevance can be obtained from this dataset.

Go to STEM-Away® Bioinformatics Evaluation - Differential Gene Expression Analysis to get inputs and submit your answers.


  • This evaluation is mandatory for placement in Bioinformatics Exploratory Teams.

  • Students who are comfortable with the evaluations for Bioinformatics Power Teams may skip this evaluation.

  • Your first submission is the one that is graded. If you are not sure about the material, please wait until the corresponding training is held.

  • Highest level of academic integrity is expected from all members. Subtle changes are made in the test to discourage copying of answers. Submissions include inputs and results.


@anya Anya Greenburg, STEM-Away® Principal Mentor