Essential Leadership Skills for team leads. Host: Stephanie Holt, senior tech leader and leadership consultant. This webinar is currently open to Mentor Chains® leads only

About this STEMCasts® episode:

A STEMCasts® to help Mentor Chains® Student leads, this webinar will help with the skills necessary to be a Team Lead on any project, both at STEM-Away and in the future!

Meet Your Instructor:

This STEMCasts® is hosted by Stephanie Holt. Stephanie has over 25 years of work experience both domestically and internationally. Previously holding executive leadership positions in public and private technology companies for over 15 years, Stephanie understands the complexity, challenges, and rewards of working in both large multinational companies and in financial/technology start-up environments. Her focus has always been on driving business outcomes and creating places where people love to work. Currently she spends 100% of her time promoting diversity in STEM.


This webinar has been changed to invite only. Once all Mentor Chains® Leads have undergone the training, we will open up the webinar for other students.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Creating/Communicating the Vision for the Group
  • Relationship Building
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Commitment

Target Audience:

  • STEM-Away Team leads & mentors

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