Error Control Code Design & Innovation - Project

Learn the basics of Error Control Codes (ECC) and their application to hardware engineering.

Project Overview:

  1. Design of Hamming Code Circuits

    Script based exploration of Hamming Codes. Emphasis will be on intuitive understanding and not mathematical rigor. ECC circuits are primarily made up of XOR gates. Python scripting will be used to simulate the functionality of XOR gates and the remaining logic. Learn more about Hamming Codes and Extended Hamming or SECDED Codes.

  2. Fault simulation of Hamming Codes

    The error correction capabilities of the codes will be studied using the concept of error injection. The Python framework will be extended to study the behavior of the circuit on error injection. A basic model of hardware reliability will be used to drive the types of errors injected. Learn more about Computer Memory Errors and ECC DIMMs.

  3. Designing Codes for real life applications

    Real life applications will be studied. The team will brainstorm to come up with customization needed to design Hamming Codes for systems that have one or more constraints.


  • Error Control Codes
  • Hardware Design
  • Hardware Reliability
  • Python
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership & Mentoring (project & task leads)


Fall 2020


  • Prior experience with Error Control Codes & Python required for project leads.
  • Ability/desire to pick up new algebra concepts.
  • Participation in the related webinar.
  • If you missed the webinar, watch the recorded STEMCasts® and participate in the discussions.

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