Error Control Code Design & Application to Computer Hardware. Host: Debaleena Das, Engineer & Innovator

About this STEMCasts® episode:

Interested in a peek into intriguing mathematical concepts and their application in Computer Engineering? ECC is an area rich in innovation and mathematical beauty, it is also an increasingly important part of Computer Engineering. This STEMCasts® episode will give you exposure to ECC and the application to hardware designs. Students will learn about exciting avenues to explore in college & beyond, discuss ideas for projects, and get to step into the shoes of a hardware engineer.

Due to the extensive nature of the material, the webinar will be hosted in two parts. We will also host a special Q&A session with ECC experts from industry. Signups for the second portion will be available shortly.

Please signup by indicating your preference below. You will receive a notification with meeting details within 24 hours. Please note that there is no popup notification. The webinar will be recorded with a focus on the speaker. There will be an additional 15 mins recording at the end for students who wish to be included in the final video. The student interaction video will be a mix of Q&A and audience feedback.

Update 04/20: We are postponing this webinar. You may still sign up and we will inform you when we have a new date. Or you can check back later.

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Meet Your Instructor:

This STEMCasts® is hosted by our founder, Debaleena Das @ddas, and is a nostalgic dive into her past passion. The one part of the job that she misses deeply is tinkering with ECC. She is looking forward to sharing her passion for ECC with students.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What are Error Control Codes (ECC)
  • Application of ECC to Computer Engineering
  • Design of ECC circuits
  • Parity, Hamming, SECDED & Reed Solomon Codes

Target Audience:

  • High school students and college students interested in error control codes, hardware reliability and hardware architecture.
  • Students with a desire to learn about new algebra concepts and applications to computer engineering will benefit most from this event.

STEMCasts® Schedule:

  1. Introduction and Overview
    • Introduction to ECC in the context of computer engineering
    • What sparked my passion for ECC
    • How math skills can be a huge asset in your engineering career
  2. Hardware Errors
  3. Parity
    • Parity as an Error Control Code
    • Parity as the building block of more complex ECC
  4. Hamming Codes
  5. Reed Solomon Codes
    • What does it mean to correct a symbol, why is it so important for server memory
    • Introduction to finite fields/ Galois fields
    • Deep dive into the single block error correcting RS codes
  6. Overview of my ECC related patents (Patent details on my LinkedIn profile)

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