Entrepreneurship Teams are getting ready to start!

Self-Assessment Form
Note: Answers to the interview related questions are from the webinar from Benjamin.

This topic has been created to give you a birds eye view of all events related to Entrepreneurship. Please refer to July 2020 Calendar for event details and any last minute changes.


  • PreProject- Updated July 8
    For your Entrepreneurship proproject please submit a business idea, identify top 3 competitors and develop one piece of marketing material.
  • the format of the submission is up to you (there is no template)
  • the business idea can be one of your own or based on an existing business
  • examples of marketing material: social media post, industry magazine advertisement or any type of marketing that interests you
  • Self -assessment: The link to the self assessment is available at the top of this post.

  • Deadline: 07/11 5pm PST

For information on how to submit your self assessment see this post: Mode of submission for self-assessment + screening

Please post any questions below.

Learning Resources

Title: Trello Training-
Complete Part 1 The Anatomy of Trello Boards and Cards
Trello LinkedIn Learning


Title: Introductory webinar by Stephanie Holt
When: Wednesday, July 8th 10:00 AM PDT
Details: Covering details of the program and the initial self-assessment step

Recording of Webinar: Introduction to project

Title: Stakeholder Research & Interviewing by Benjamin, STEM-Away UX Industry Mentor
When: Thursday, July 9th 9:00 AM PDT
Details: Self assessment will include questions from topics in this webinar. Recording will be available within a day.

Recording of Webinar: Stakeholder Research & Interviewing

Hosted by STEM-Away Mentor Chains Lead @AntonyGeorgiadis. Thanks!

Team Leads

If you have the following skills/classes and are interested in being a lead please reach out to me privately.
  1. Entrepreneurial experience
  2. Coursework in- marketing, business, accounting/finance

I checked the July 2020 calendar and noticed only the Conducting User Surveys webinar on July 9th was available. Where can I find the link to the Introductory webinar on July 8th? Thank you!

Where will we get the links for the Wednesday Webinar as well as the self-assessment step? After the onboarding webinar, what should be my next step for the Entrepreneurship pathway?

@carolz @dgetz4
The Wed Introductory webinar is now on the calendar.
You will get preproject and self assessment details there.

Hi. I signed up for the July session and I didn’t have the password for the entrepreneurship group. Is there a way you can tell me what my password is?

@FantasiaB There are no groups assigned until next week after the preproject and personal assessment are completed and participants are selected. For now everything you need will be in this forum and in the google drive using your @mentorchains email account.

Hello I want to join the project and I signed up for it but did not get any information. Can you please help me?

It says I do not have access to the calendar even though I am in the July 2020 group and have the stem away email?

Hey, @dgetz4 the calendar is only accessible using the mentorchains account.
When you go to the calendar, check on the top right corner profile logo if you are using your mentorchains account or personal account. Once you change it to mentorchains you will be able to access the calendar.

Thank you! Unfortunately I still cannot find the introductory event on the calendar. What would be the label/ title? I just see the BI event hosted by Priya at that Wednesday time.

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@dgetz4 you will see it shortly, the calendar is being updated alongside.

My mentor chains email account was never sent to me. How can I get it?

Please make sure that you are looking at all posts in this forum for answers to your questions before you ask them.