Entrepreneurship Pathway [The Catalysts] - sub team 2 customer survey

Hello! My name is Jess and I’m part of EN Sub Team 2, the Tactical Trio. We are conducting a customer survey about the Stem-Away internship experience as part of the learning in our project and would really appreciate your feedback and insights on your internship experience.


Thank you for your time and help!

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@ML-Leads-Summer2020 @FS-Leads-2020 @BI-Leads-Summer2020 @UX-Leads-Summer2020

Please share with your teams.

@ML-Team3-July2020 @ML-Team4-July2020 Have a look.

Hi @Vrinda_Jain,

Please have your team cover the following in their forms:

  1. Who is conducting the survey. Clearly state that the people conducting the survey are the owners of any data collected.
  2. Why the data is being collected. Not a legal requirement but a good one to include in any survey.

Sub-team 3 has done a great job of covering these requirements. Very well done!

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Hi @ddas
Thank you for the advice. I’ll get them done!