Effective Collaboration, Building cognitive diversity in teams. Host: Urvi Bhandari, Executive Coach | Connector

About this STEMCasts® episode:

This STEMCasts® episode will teach students to Communicate, Connect and Collaborate. Hosted by Urvi Bhandari, a successful Executive Coach, this webinar is a must for students aspiring to be the STEM leaders of tomorrow!

Diversity goes beyond demographics (race, age, gender etc). Diversity is also about how we think, our personalities, our experiences, our perspectives etc. When we put all this together, it is called cognitive diversity. In this webinar, students will learn the how and why of driving cognitive diversity in their teams.

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Please signup for the 1st session (Total Sessions: 6) by indicating your preference below. You will receive a notification with meeting details within 24 hours. Please note that there is no popup notification. The webinar will be recorded with a focus on the speaker. There will be an additional 15 mins recording at the end for students who wish to be included in the final video. The student interaction video will be a mix of Q&A and audience feedback.

Update 04/20: We are postponing this webinar. You may still sign up and we will inform you when we have a new date. Or you can check back later.

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Meet Your Instructor:

Urvi Bhandari is a Master Connector, Emotionally Wealthy and a Nomad. She is a 20 year, reformed, Fortune 10 corporate executive. (AT&T, IBM, Coca- Cola, Walmart). The consistent thread in her career is her ability to have an innovative mindset, that creates solutions through collaboration and focuses on the human element, that pushes business forward. Her mindset is driven by her lifestyle as a nomad and seeing multiple ways of thinking on a global scale. Her vast | diverse network and the trusting relationships she has built over the past 20 years, continue to collaborate with her and others to build the future of tomorrow.

As an Executive Coach / Recruiter, she works with executives, guiding them through personal self awareness to increase their emotional wealth and propel their professional careers further. In a time where “innovation” is more than a buzzword, but a way of being, Urvi embodies, the changing paradigms, to drive businesses forward - to be ready for TOMORROW.

urvi Read more about her fascinating background at Urvi Bhandari

What You’ll Learn:

Students will learn the process to communicate, connect and collaborate with others driving cognitive diversity in their groups eventually leading to demographic diversity.

  • Communicate - You must go through a process of radical self awareness through assessments and understand who you are.

  • Connect - Understanding yourself allows you to see others as complex human beings and start dialogues to learn about them.

  • Collaborate - Seeing differences opens the group to new and varied ideas and solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Three phases of bringing diversity to the table - Communicate, Connect, Collaborate .

  2. How to begin the journey of self awareness.

  3. Learning how to ask questions to learn about others.

  4. Starting the process of a Mindshift.

The more we know about ourselves, the easier it is to understand how complex each person is, including ourselves. When we can own and articulate (communicate) who we are to others; we allow them to see us as a human being and not a stranger. This immediately builds a bond of trust which allows them to open up and connect with us. Through communication and connection we can now collaborate together to create the future for us.

STEMCasts® Schedule:

Students will take a few assessments to find words they can use to articulate & communicate who they are to others. They will be guided through activities that help them connect with their peers and eventually comfortably collaborate on their projects. This course will be covered over 6 sessions.

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