Dual STEMCast covering two careers. Yes, IP law is fascinating! Goundwater, a giant puzzle

About this Fireside Chat:

This dual STEMCast® episode is hosted by Elizabeth Morris, Director of Intellectual Property Law, and Maureen Reilly, Senior Engineer at Todd Groundwater. Elizabeth explains the unique ways attorneys and engineers work together. She further explains what a patent is, the difference between utility, design, and provisional application patents, and how to become a patent attorney. Senior Engineer, Maureen adds to the discussion by explaining how hydrologists calculate the amount of ground water. Maureen also shares several interesting stories from her STEM journey. A must watch!


  • The iPhone rubber band patent.
  • Yes, IP law is fascinating.
  • Groundwater, a giant puzzle.
  • Darcy’s Law for fluid flow.
  • Rugby rules and job interviews.
  • Explaining something complicated simply.

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Details of the full fireside chat (https://youtu.be/2Yj1oSKzSIY):

  • Instructor Introduction (2 mins)
  • Ground water sustainability plans (2 mins)
  • Elizabeth and Maureen’s education (4 mins)
  • What is Patent Law? (8 mins)
  • Ground water data analysis and Darcy’s Law (8 mins)
  • Dealing with uncertainty in ground water (4 mins)

Meet the Guests:

Elizabeth Morris, Director of Intellectual Property Law, works with engineers to turn their ideas into patents.

Maureen Reilly, Ground Hydrologist and Senior Engineer at Todd Goundwater, works with city councils to figure out how much available ground water we have and how to meet water demand needs.

Preview (5mins):