Dual Approach NLP: Python Code vs GPT APIs - STEM-Away® Challenge

Challenge Name: “Dual Approach NLP: Python Code vs GPT APIs”

Challenge Author: Dilshaan Sandhu, STEM-Away® Distinguished Alumni.
Guidance from Debaleena Das, STEM-Away’s À La Carte Mentor

Challenge Description:

Calling all Machine Learning and NLP enthusiasts! We bring you a unique opportunity to showcase your innovative thinking - a challenge to conceptualize an NLP task solution via dual methods: Python coding and GPT APIs. This challenge aims to stimulate your creativity and technical prowess to design and contrast two distinct approaches to an NLP task.

Your mission? Devise a proposal or low-fidelity prototype demonstrating how a specific NLP task can be handled using Python and then replicated using GPT APIs. The focus here is not merely on the technical implementation, but also on your ability to adapt, optimize, and draw insightful comparisons.

Key Considerations:

  • How can the same NLP task be tackled differently using Python and GPT APIs?
  • What unique challenges and benefits do each of these methods present in terms of NLP?
  • How can you optimize the task’s execution using both methods?
  • What insights can be gained from comparing the conceptual designs of the two NLP methods?


This challenge is open to ML enthusiasts, NLP enthusiasts, coders, and anyone else keen on exploring the power and versatility of AI in the context of Natural Language Processing. Individuals and teams are welcome to participate.

Cost: 12 Tacks

Deadline: June 26th 2023

Submission Requirements:

Submit a proposal or a low-fidelity prototype that illustrates your innovative approach to the NLP task using both Python and GPT APIs. Your submission should address the key considerations listed above and showcase the potential of your idea.

Please submit your proposals in one of two ways: you can either write your full proposal directly as a reply to this post, or share a link to your proposal within your reply. Choose the method that best suits your presentation style.

Judging Criteria:

Submissions will be judged on the creativity, feasibility, technical potential, and the insights derived from comparing the Python code and GPT API concepts in the realm of NLP.


  • Project Realization Prize: The winning proposal or low-fidelity prototype will be given the remarkable opportunity to be transformed into a full-scale NLP project by a dedicated team of STEM-Away trained interns. Witness your initial design for an NLP task solution, articulated through Python and GPT APIs, evolve from a conceptual stage to a fully operational model. This is your chance to see your innovative idea brought to life and making an impact in the world of NLP.

  • Platform and Social Media Spotlight Prize: Your pioneering NLP project will not only be spotlighted on our STEM-Away® platform, but will also receive special feature across our various social media channels. This presents a fantastic opportunity to attain recognition within the AI and ML communities, amplify your exposure, and use this visibility to foster valuable networking connections and set the stage for future professional opportunities.

  • Certificate of Achievement: Winners will receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement from STEM-Away®. This official recognition not only commemorates your accomplishment in this challenge, but also serves as a valuable addition to your professional portfolio. Whether you’re using it to bolster your resume, as a talking point in an interview, or to showcase on your LinkedIn profile, this certificate is a testament to your innovative thinking, technical skillset, and commitment to impacting the future of tech.

Take this challenge to exhibit your NLP skills, uncover fascinating insights, and contribute to the AI community’s understanding of these two powerful tools. Good luck!