Do you want to know more about the project before we start?

This is the tentative agenda of the meetings between our industry mentor and team leads. If you are interested in learning more about any part before we get started, please reply to this thread. Our team leads have volunteered to do deep dives if there is enough interest.

Tentative agenda:

05/20: UX Strategy and Lifecycle

Topics include:

  • Design Thinking framework
  • Business goals & User needs (assumptive)
    • Ask the experts, leverage existing knowledge
  • Defining a problem space / project scope

05/21: User Research and User Needs definition

Topics include:

  • User Research methods
  • Personas + Journey mapping
  • Storyboards + workflow
  • User needs

05/26: UX Design :

Topics include:

  • Human Factors/Usability principles
  • Information Architecture
  • Low-fidelity prototyping
  • Hi-fidelity design

05/28: Usability Testing and Iterating

Topics include:

  • Types of usability testing
    • Prototype fidelity, sample size, format
  • Moderating skills
  • Types of data
  • Data analysis
  • Outputs / Recommendations

I am interested! Will these be recorded as webinars or are they just meetings?

These meetings are training/ brainstorming sessions. Recordings are private and accessible by team leads only.

Since you are the only one who has expressed interest in learning more before the project starts, we are thinking of skipping deep dives by technical leads. Instead I will figure out a way to share the information with you.

I have signed up for the July session; these deep dives seem very interesting, will they be offered then?

Yes, they will definitely be offered during the project. The project is structured along the lines of this agenda.

I’m interested in participating in the ones on 5/26 and 5/28!

I have missed the last 3 session, which are 5/20, 5/21, and 5/26. It was my fault for not checking all the threads. Are these recorded or any other way I can get those information?