Discover the keys to a successful career in STEM

A warm welcome to all High School Students!

STEM-Away® isn't just about jobs. It is about your career.

  • Browse STEMCasts® to access inspiring stories of others pursuing careers in similar fields; get a glimpse of technical fields; and learn more about succeeding as a STEM professional.

  • Signup for upcoming STEMCasts® webinars. Start interacting with industry experts in small settings. Learn more about upcoming Mentor Chains® Projects (search for STEMCasts® with #stemaway-pathway

  • Join Mentor Chains® Projects aka virtual internships. Work in a team to build up technical and soft skills. You can start in a mentee role to gain experience & confidence. Every student has an opportunity to learn and grow and move all the way up to project lead.

  • Start building your 1-click® Resume. Aggregate and showcase your achievements. It is a living STEM portfolio that will grow with you.

  • STEM-Away® uses AI ML algorithms to generate opportunity recommendations. By using the tools consistently, you can access STEM career opportunities that are a best-match fit for your passions.