Discourse installation of Ubuntu

Hello Everyone. This is Discourse installation video on Ubuntu.

This not only deals with installation but also with debugging.

Known issues:
This video is about Beginners’ guide to installing discourse on ubuntu along with Debugging.

Follow the link at :

Step by step. Now we can try debugging at every step.

There are 6 places things can go wrong.

1) Dependencies are not installed properly.

Cause: These are because of the old version of dependencies installed.

Solution: You can individually install dependencies as per future requirements.

2) Bundle installs not working.

Cause: This is because either of the

-> Dependencies issue or that

-> You installed dependencies in a different user than this

-> You have not entered into discourse repository after cloning


-> Install required dependencies manually

-> Remember to use the same user for entire installation process.

-> cd discourse

3) Bundle rake create, bundle migrate error

Cause: This happens because of the mistake of not executing some commands while copy-pasting multiple commands

Solution: Execute one by one command rather than the entire set of commands

4) Bundle rec exec auto spec error

Cause : This happens because that discourse clone is newer than auto spec configuration.

Solution : Ignore this step and go for the next step. It is just a warning.

5) Couldn’t start discourse after installation

Cause : This is because of which we forgot to create the admin account

Solution : execute the rails_env= budle rails create:admin command