Crafting ChatGPT Prompts for Tech Career Exploration - STEM-Away® Challenge

Challenge Name: “Crafting ChatGPT Prompts for Tech Career Exploration”

Challenge Description:

In an innovative intersection of AI, education, and career development, we invite you to design a set of ChatGPT prompts to assist students in exploring tech career roles. This challenge calls on your understanding of the tech industry, AI, and effective communication to create a set of prompts that can inform, inspire, and guide future tech professionals.

Your mission? Craft a set of 5-10 ChatGPT prompts that a student could use to explore any tech career role. The prompts should be designed to elicit responses that provide a thorough understanding of the role, including necessary skills, daily tasks, potential career progression, and the role’s impact on the broader tech industry. Furthermore, these prompts should encourage ChatGPT to suggest actionable steps a student can take today to start their journey, such as relevant courses, internships, certifications, or networking opportunities. Your goal is to help students not only understand these roles but also empower them to take the first step towards their chosen tech career.

Key Considerations:

  • How can you formulate prompts that elicit useful and comprehensive responses about tech roles?
  • How can you ensure the prompts are generic enough to be applicable to any tech role?
  • How can the prompts encourage engagement and curiosity from students?


This challenge is open to all AI enthusiasts, educators, career counselors, tech industry professionals, and anyone else interested in leveraging AI to shape future tech careers. Individuals and teams are welcome to participate.

Cost of Entry: 12 Tacks

Deadline: July 21st 2023

Submission Requirements:

Submit your set of 5-10 ChatGPT prompts designed for tech career exploration. Your submission should clearly address the key considerations listed above and demonstrate the potential of these prompts to educate and guide students interested in tech careers.

Judging Criteria:

Submissions will be judged on the relevance, creativity, potential educational value, and the capacity of the prompts to effectively guide students in exploring various tech career roles.


  • Platform and Social Media Showcase Prize: Winning entries will be featured prominently on our STEM-Away® platform and also shared across our diverse social media channels. This dual exposure provides a fantastic opportunity to earn recognition and broaden your visibility within the AI and education communities. This increased visibility can act as a springboard for fruitful networking and future professional opportunities.

  • Certificate of Achievement: Winners will receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement from STEM-Away®. This official recognition not only commemorates your accomplishment in this challenge, but also serves as a valuable addition to your professional portfolio. Whether you’re using it to bolster your resume, as a talking point in an interview, or to showcase on your LinkedIn profile, this certificate is a testament to your innovative thinking, technical skillset, and commitment to impacting the future of tech.

Embrace this challenge to help shape the future of tech careers and make an impact on the next generation of tech professionals. Good luck!