Concerns about the overlap between the two sessions?

Are you looking to move to a different pathway for the July session? Do you have concerns about the overlap?

The overlap can be broken into 3 parts:

  • 1st part: New July students are getting used to the various collaboration channels. Hopefully, you have to spend minimal effort here.

  • 2nd part: You are learning about the new pathway and doing your first self-assessment. At this point you are handling 2 projects. You have to put in double the effort for ~1 week. I would not recommend a mix of ML and Bioinformatics if you are new to either, unless you are willing to put in your 200%.

  • 3rd part: The June teams are primarily engaged in showcasing/ celebrating! This part should be possible to handle along with new pathway with a little extra effort.


Thank you @ddas for this clarity. Tagging @UX-Team4-June1 to bring their attention to this post as we had received queries. I am excited for the weeks ahead!

FYI @FS-Team2-June1
This will help you clear things out.
Thanks, @ddas for framing it out so clearly.