Checking in with the UX teams

First of all, goodbye to students who are leaving!

Hope you had a great experience. We will notify you when your certificates are ready.

If you are applying for a new pathway in the July session, please continue following the posts in

Tip - Use the office hours that are early on in the week to ramp up on the new pathway. Office hours will start getting more crowded later on in the week.

Speaking of office hours, special thanks to Antony and Sarah for hosting UX office hours for new students! You are making it possible for us to meet our mission of expanding STEM opportunities!

For those who are remaining on for the next 3 weeks, I believe your leads are continuing or have given you directions on next steps. If anyone has any questions or concerns, let me know.

Looking forward to all the team presentations next week!

Great work all around!!

@UX-Team1-June1 @UX-Team2-June1 @UX-Team3-June1 @UX-Team4-June1