Certificates for the June session have been issued!

After a mammoth effort, the certificates are ready!

The June session will always be a special memory from me. You helped prove my very core belief that given the opportunity, you are capable of the most amazing achievements. Feel free to pull the June 2020 card if you ever need a favor from me :slight_smile:

  • Do take a moment to check your certificates, including all links. Reply to this post if any change is needed.
    • If you are reporting an issue, please start your post with “Issue found”
    • If you are requesting a name change, please start your post with “Requesting name change”

  • Ways to find your certificate
    • Check your notifications
    • Enter your name in the search bar

  • Self-Assessments will be locked after 08/31, no further edits can be made.

  • Published page: In addition to the certificate topic, your topic is also available via a published page. The styling of this page is still work in progress. Detailed css styling is planned.

In other news:

  • Showcase of your work is our next priority. A glimpse of upcoming events:
    • A presentation by the Full Stack leads to Michael Greene, Vice President of Software Development & Business Strategy, Intel.
    • A presentation by Bioinformatics leads to senior data scientists and executives from Agilent.

  • I have categorized the resumes sent to me and will be sharing them with visitng industry experts.

  • An alumni channel is under construction by Sarah, Antony & Vrinda. (Includes ideas by Khanh and Sai) . Future communication will be via the Alumni Channel!
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Issue found

I cannot find my certificate. Could you please help me with that?

Sorry that you got missed! Can you send me a link to your self-assessment and the name of a lead who can verify your assessment.

Requesting name change


I want to add my second last name to the certificate. So it would say “Cesar Samuel Juarez Manzano”


Okay, will take care of it soon.

I miss the self-assessment deadline. Sorry about that. Can I remedy this issue by filling out my self-assessment? I am the technical lead of ML team 5, and my project lead is @ernclb.

Hi @ddas, my certificate has a typo in my last name. It says “Gorshko” but should be “Gorshkov”. Could you please fix that? Thank you.

Hi Maxim, will do. Can you update your name in the user profile as well. We are taking the names from there for the certificate.

Sure. The self-assessment category is open until 08/31.

Hi @ddas, here is my self-assessment. https://stemaway.com/t/ricky-machine-learning-pathway/6468
Thanks for your help.



Just wondering if my name on the certificate has been updated. If it is I can’t seem to find it.

Done! The original certificate is updated.


Hi @ddas, I still can’t find my certificate on the forum. Could you please help me with that? Thank you.

Hi @Ricccccky, only fixes are complete at this point, no new certificates. I have entered your details with the July session. Based on feedback received, I am going with task lead for you. July certificates will be issued shortly.

Thanks for your help!