Call for STEM-Away® Student Leaders

Not accepting any more applicants for Summer 2020. Will reopen in Fall 2020.

Become a STEM-Away® Student Leader to accelerate your progress on your STEM career goals. You will get personalized mentoring and priority access to all STEM-Away® events for a year. You can showcase your leadership skills to hiring managers for internships and jobs.

What will you do as a STEM-Away® Student Leader? You will be working with our senior leadership team to help with student outreach, evolving our tools as STEM-Away® Student Experience Architects, and more! Let’s do a deeper dive…

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

  • Collaborate with the STEM-Away founding team and experts in multiple STEM areas
  • Establish yourself as leaders by hosting webinars and leading projects.
  • Showcase your creativity, leadership and technical skills through hands-on learning experience that includes:
    • Help setup career pathways on the platform, Participate in coding
    • Collect feedback to improve the UX of the platform
    • Speak at outreach events and/or organize your own outreach event
    • Participate in promo video shoots

Becoming a Student Leader

  • Signup by requesting access to the group Student Leaders.
  • New Student Leaders will get notified of current and upcoming opportunities
  • Students can pick one or more opportunities based on their interests, strengths (creativity, leadership, technical skills), time commitment and location (onsite/virtual). Commitments are opportunity specific:
    • Student outreach and UX research activities, are very flexible
    • Opportunities like speaking at events have mandatory preparation meetings
    • Technical activities have higher commitment levels since considerable mentoring is involved

How We Help Our Student Leaders Stand Out

  • The contributions of student leaders will be showcased on our student wall as well as our company page

  • Students with a high level of participation will earn the right to add STEM-Away® to their LinkedIn profiles. Get noticed by recruiters, hiring managers and the overall STEM community

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