Bioinformatics Teams - Please Read (team structure & project duration change)

In addition to welcoming the teams, hosting webinars, conducting training, setting up everyone with accounts and so much more, the Bioinformatics leads have also been analyzing all aspects of the overall project.

Based on their recommendation and our own observations about the complexity of the project, we have decided to do the following changes:

Team Structure Change

What this means for you?
The structure change will be seamless for participants and observers. Team 2 will get to know Erin. Team 3 will get to know Annie. All of you already know our programming experts and tireless PM leads!

This change maps well to the overall project plan of working on 2 datasets.

Project duration Change

We are expanding the project duration to 8 weeks. I know this is a big change. I will address this separately in another post, explain the reasons for this change and address your concerns if any.