Bioinformatics Presentation to Agilent

All are welcome to attend, 08/28 at noon Pacific -

@Bioinformagic @The-Gene-Team

@BI-Team1-July2020 @BI-Team2-July2020 @BI-Team3-July2020

If you have a recording of the presentation, would you be able to send it please? I was unable to attend at that time.

The presentation today was perfect!! Really well done.

Since external guests are involved, we need to do some post processing before releasing the video. I will share as soon as possible.

We will be inviting more professionals in the next few weeks to give feedback on student achievements. The presentation today was done by leads. We hope to include participants as well in the future. I have started collecting recommendations from leads. You are in the shortlist :slight_smile:

Ok thank you so much, I’m excited to hear that! :grinning: