Bioinformatics-Level1 Module 1

Module 1:

Technical Area

  • Installing R and R Studio
  • Learning fundamentals of working with R like variables, different structures, functions, and packages
  • Drawing plots by general functions, ggplot2, and EnhancedVolcano in R
  • Getting familiar with papers, projects, and tools in the field of transcriptome analysis
  • Expanding knowledge about bioinformatics
  • Learning how to read and understand scientific papers


  • R and R Studio
  • ggplot2 package
  • EnhancedVolcano package
  • CRAN and Bioconductor repositories

Soft Skills

  • Self-learning: I learned to work with R by myself.
  • Problem-solving: I learned to find the cause of errors in R by searching the problem on Youtube, Stack overflow, R Studio Community, so on.
  • Communication: I communicate with Anya to solving my questions
  • Learning to work with the STEM-AWAY website

Achievement Highlights

  • Installing and using R packages and functions
  • Understanding the relation between transcriptome analysis and finding biomarkers and hub genes of diseases
  • Understanding that how this internship is implemented.

Tasks Completed

  • I installed R and R Studio
  • I installed ggplot2 and EnhancedVolcano and drew with them different plots.
  • I constructed a Github account