Bioinformatics Level 1 Module1- Sunnie

  1. Overview:

Technical area:

  • Understand and practice more tools in Rstudio. Implementing ggplots packages and Bioconductor packages.
  • Read and understand scientific paper: deepen understanding of colorectal cancer, learn how microarrays and DNA, RNA, mRNA works as well as transcriptomics.


  • Github: made an account and created a Repository, learned how to push to the Repo, how to clone a Repo and Fetching the Repo, etc.
  • Rstudio: understanding the layout and how to use it. Practicing with the ggplot to analyze and visualize the data.
  • STEM-AWAY website: get more information for further study.

Soft Skills:

  • Getting more familiar with the STEM-AWAY website and communication skill.
  • Independence: Self-study is not my strength but trying to overcome the obstacles by myself helps me to build up self-esteem and be more independent.
  1. Achievement Highlights:
  • Learned how to use Rstudio with ggplot2 to visualize the data.
  • Learned how to use Github, and get useful resources from it as well as youtube and google.
  • Raised my interests in bioinformatics after I read and study the introduction videos and lectures.
  1. Tasks Completed:
  • Initially, I was not sure how and what to do in the pathway hub, and got stuck for a little while, but finally I got the resources I need and learned how to go through the problems.
  • Downloaded R was not smooth at the first, but I have successfully downloaded it independently and learned how to use it after a deep search and reading.
  • Joined Github.
  • Deepen understanding the background of bioinformatics and Data Visualization.