Bioinformatics - Level 1 Module - Jayni Ram


  1. Technical Area
  • Coding with R: understanding packages, debugging, learning the language with syntax and procedures
  • Read and absorbed scientific paper: getting deeper understanding of colorectal cancer, researching more to understand, and found more information in the biology side of things
  1. Tools
  • RStudio: understanding the layout and how to navigate
  • GitHub: made an account and researched more about what it does
  • Any extra resources on Stem-away website: video tutorials, powerpoint presentations, etc.
  1. Soft Skills
  • Rereading things more than a few times if need be
  • Not giving up if I don’t understand something, using google for any questions I have
  • Accessing all possible resources linked in the modules and main page
  • Forcing myself to really figure out what the problem is and solve the issue in either R or understand the writing in the paper.

Achievement Highlights:

  • Navigated and understood my goal for module one
  • Downloaded and coded on R/RStudio: figured out basic functions, syntax, and procedures
  • Understood the purpose of GEO and GitHub
  • Read and understood the scientific paper on colorectal cancer (and how we would use programming to learn and understand more)

Tasks Completed:

  • Downloaded R and RStudio with little to no difficulty
  • Spent some time understanding purpose of Bioconductor package, had to research in order to answer some of my questions
  • Reached out to adults I know about the scientific paper for deeper explanations
  • Researched more about GitHub and how we would be using it in the future
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