Bioinformatics- Level 1 Module 2 Irem Agan

Overview Tools: GEO database, GitHub, Youtube, R

Technical Area:

  • GEO database
  • Getting metadata,
  • Installation of Bioconductor packages


  • I really wanted to go further into bioinformatics after module 1 because I had a familiarity with (already downloaded) GeoDatabase and now I practiced more with getting my metadata
  • I downloaded the first dataset (GSE32323) for the expression data easily
  • I could install Bioconductor packages using “BiocManager” with the help of videos from Youtube
  • I didn’t have trouble with loading data into R and batch correction.
  • I went ahead and created my Github account and put my username to General Introduction. Achievement Highlights
  • Installing Bioconductor packages with Youtube help
  • Getting metadata for batch correction
  • Learned how to load data into R

Soft Skills: Getting a better understanding of bioinformatics through some reading and using geodatabase for data demonstration for gene expression

PS: I was already interested in biology but never knew this side of it. It is extremely cool to see the normal cell data visualization!