Bioinformatics - Level 1: Module 1 - Sneha Raj

Technical Area

  • Installed RStudio and additional packages.
  • Learned R syntax, functions, and arguments.
  • Reviewed reading academic literature.
  • Learned to plot data using ggplot.


  • RStudio
  • ggplot2
  • R Console
  • Bioconductor

Soft Skills

  • Adaptive: Although I had no prior experience with R, I was able to use my existing understanding of Java to adapt and find commonalities while coding. I went through provided resources and worked through the step-by-step guides in order to grow confident with the R environment.
  • Resourcefulness: In addition to the resources linked in this unit, I consulted web resources to expand my understanding of RStudio and the R language in general. Wherever I was stuck, I spent time on multiple websites in order to find explanations that best suited my learning needs.

Achievement highlights

  • Learning syntax, functions, and arguments in R.
  • Installed the ggplot package.
  • Plotted data using ggplot2.

Tasks completed

  • While I am familiar with programming in Java, I have little experience with R. After reading through several web sources, I downloaded R, R Studio, and some of the recommended packages. I also updated the packages.
  • I then used the syntax guide and consulted other websites to test out a variety of commands including vectors, matrices, data factors, and lists on R studio.
  • After studying syntax and the uses of different data structures, I tried using a few mathematical functions by inputting arguments. I also familiarized myself with the uses of packages and how to load libraries for use such as ggplot2.
  • Next I worked through the data wrangling document. I located and assigned the mouse_exp_design csv. I then learned how to manipulate vectors, save the data in the csv to a new file, plot functions in different formats, and plotting using the ggplot2 function.
  • Finally, I read the Guo paper and watched the videos regarding bioinformatics. This was an easier task because I am familiar with reading the academic language in such research papers.