Bioinformatics - Level 1 Module 1- Sharon Elaine D'Souza


Technical Area: R programming (coding on RStudio) and reading research papers.

Tools: RStudio, PubMed

Soft Skills: Getting familiar with the program through the STEM-AWAY website and enquiring further by asking Anya

Achievement Highlights

  • Downloaded RStudio successfully
  • Read through the resources provided to understand more about R
  • Learned about new tools in Bioinformatics in addition to ones I already know such as STRING

Tasks and Hurdles

  • Installing R was a bit confusing but through further reading, I installed it easily.
  • Reading through some of the resources was a little challenging due to the jargon but viewing the presentations helped ease the difficulty.
  • Though I understand how data is visualized in R I still need to do it myself practically to get a deeper understanding.