Bioinformatics - Level 1 Module 1 - Sanya Mahesh

Concise overview of things learned. Break it up into Technical Area, Tools, Soft Skills

Technical area:

  • Determining how to code in R and debug errors more efficiently
  • Learning how to read and understand research papers, even when the topic is advanced
  • Navigating sources of data visualization such as ggplot2


  • Rstudio
  • Ggplot2
  • YouTube

Soft skills:

  • Problem solving: it was initially difficult to determine how to fix code but with practice, I soon learned how to identify errors easily
  • Time management: It was easy to get caught up trying to fix a bug and I learned to become more efficient with problem solving
  • Resource collection: I needed a few extra resources to help me understand the basics of R and this project taught me where to look for these sources and how to internalize the information provided in them

Three achievement highlights

  • Determining the basics of R including syntax and how to identify and fix errors
  • Learning more about the field of bioinformatics
  • Determining how to efficiently read and comprehend research papers

Detailed statement of tasks completed. State each task, hurdles faced if any and how you solved the hurdle.

  • I initially had some difficulty navigating the StemAway website and determining where the find the appropriate resources and instructions but I was able to find all the posts I needed upon further research
  • I successfully installed and learned how to use Rstudio
  • I looked through the ggplot2 website to further my knowledge in data visualization and its implementation in code
  • I watched the linked videos on bioinformatics and significantly advanced my knowledge in the field
  • It was initially challenging to understand the jargon of the research paper but I learned to efficiently browse and register the important information