Bioinformatics - Level 1 Module 1 - Roman Ramirez


Technical Area

  • Learning how to install packages in R, and learning R syntax.


  • RStudio, R, STEM-Away

Soft Skills

  • Problem-Solving, Independence, Time Management

Achievement Highlights

  • I installed the correct version of R: v.4.0.0
  • I was able to install the correct packages that were listed in the assignment: ggplot2 and Bioconductor
  • I was able to understand R syntax from R Basics. Host: Yves Gaetan, Resident R Expert at STEM-Away

Details of Tasks and Hurdles

  • I had difficulty with installing R v.4.0.0. By default, I was installing the latest version of R, R v.4.1.0.
  • At times I found navigating the STEM-Away site confusing, and I had trouble pinpointing the deliverables for Level 1: Module 1 - Self Assessment and Preparation.