Bioinformatics- Level 1 Module 1- Matthew

Technical Area • Learned how to code in R Tools • Data in computers

Soft Skills • Independence Three achievements: • Scientific papers: learned how to read them • Learned about colorectal cancer • Got a brief introduction to Bioinformatics.

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  • After downloading data and opening the GSE32323 dataset, a blank coding project from R Studio shows up in front of my screen. I don’t know whether I unzipped the tar files from there or not?
  • I am unable to find the Series Matrix Txt file in GEO. Can somebody help me out?
  • I am unable to right click on the full counts matrix and full metadata table. Can somebody fix this?

Tools and Soft Skills

  • I continued to work on programming with R and RStudio.
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Technical Area I strive to write the correct code that creates an Affybatch object.

Tools and Soft Skills I continued to gain experience using R and RStudio.

Overview: Technical Area • Learning how to install R, learning R programming (coding and debugging)

Tools: • R, Rstudio, STEM-Away

Soft Skills • Independent, hard working

Achievement Highlights • Installed R
• Learning R basics, syntax, functions and Arguments

Details of Tasks and Hurdles • I installed R • Read the research paper of colorectal cancer • Download the data sets GSE32323 in Excel and upload to R • Navigating STEM-Away site to explore the pathways, clicking around to get familiar with the website