Bioinformatics- Level 1 Module 1-Arian Veyssi


Technical Area:

  • Installing RStudio, along with packages in R
  • Explored ggplot2 and bioinformatics packages. Learned basic R fundamentals such as syntax and debugging.
  • Understanding how to read scientific papers.


STEM-Away, RStudio, R

Soft Skills:

  • Project management- learning how to effectively manage a team using different resources like Trello and Slack
  • Technical Presentation- I created powerpoints for each team meeting to help direct the overall team discussion.
  • Leadership and Mentoring- My co-lead and project manager had meetings to decide the best resources for managing the team. I also mentored students one-on-one when they had trouble with accessing their mentor chains accounts or with downloading R studio.

Achievement Highlights:

  • I was able to download Rv4.0.0, RStudio, and the ggplot2 and Bioconductor packages.
  • I was able to navigate R.
  • I was able to get a basic understanding of bioinformatics and reading scientific papers.
  • I was able to effectively manage a team and mentor students one-on-one.

Difficulties Completing Tasks:

*At first, I had problems navigating the STEM-away website and finding posts on the forum, but I feel confident in navigating the website now.