Bioinformatics Level 1- Dravie

Module 1

Technical area:

  1. Installed R, RStudio, and other packages.
  2. Became familiar with coding, debugging, and data visualization.
  3. Read scientific papers in an efficient yet comprehensive manner.


  1. R
  2. Rstudio
  3. Stem-Away platform
  4. Youtube

Soft Skills:

  1. Time management- Learned how to manage multiple projects at the same time.
  2. Troubleshooting- Got an opportunity to develop my problem-solving skills by working through the error-filled R script.
  3. Communication- Interacted with people from various backgrounds which helped develop my speaking skills.

Achievement highlights:

  1. Managed to install and code in RStudio and its various packages.
  2. Successfully read and summarized complex scientific papers.
  3. Became well-versed with concepts in bioinformatics.


  1. I had trouble finding the appropriate version of R. With the help of tutorials on YouTube, I was able to install the correct version.
  2. I followed the resources provided and became comfortable with coding.
  3. While importing one of the data sets, the code in the pdf wasn’t working for me. By re-reading and understanding each component, I was able to write an alternate code in order to complete the task.
  4. I successfully created and customized box and volcano plots using ggplot2 and EnhancedVolcano.
  5. I also went through the presentations on scientific reading and bioinformatics which gave me a deeper understanding of the project.