Benefits of participating

Opportunities to build/ grow your network

  • Attend STEMCasts® webinars. Webinars are limited to small groups. Do not miss out on the chance to interact with successful students & professionals in a small setting.

  • Participate in Virtual-Internships. Mentor Chains® Projects are an unique opportunity to connect with mentors, peers and mentees. Project leads will work closely with experts in the field.

  • Join STEM-Away® groups

Opportunity to gain real-world experience

Participate in Virtual-Internships. Work on all aspects of a project from project definition to post mortem.

  • Develop technical skills for a specific career pathway.

  • Develop project management skills, and other critical soft skills that companies are seeking in candidates.

Opportunity to showcase your skills

  • Aggregate and showcase your achievements. Build a living resume! Get noticed by hiring managers.

  • Enter activities that support your skills. Integrate past activities and engage in new ones. Tag your posts with one or more of your skill tags to create a dynamic link to your 1-Click® Resume.